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Arcadia, Greece - A distinct wine region in an outstanding wine country

By taking advantage of the ecosystem of Arcadian land we set our moschofilero vineyards at an altitude of 750 metres. These 500 hectares of moschofilero vines have been the core of PDO Mantinia vineyards since 1971.

The very special microclimate of Mantinia growth is what makes this variety differ compared to other varieties grown in Peloponnese. Thus, the “fileri” which is cultivated throughout Peloponnese turns into moschofilero in Mantinia, an important producer of premium white wines with a special aroma and flavour obtained thanks to the low temperature of the location and the late ripening. The wine we get from moschofilero vines is a “blanc de gris”, a white wine from grey grapes. It is a genuine offspring of the Ancient Arcadia vineyard, also called “the Kapnios wine of Arcadia” according to the historian and traveller Theophrastus. It is a crisp, refreshing white wine while its rosy flavour alludes to a fusion of gewurztraminer and muscat grapes.

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Mantinia Moschofilero Tselepos Classic

Artikel-Nr.: 1234GRAT

Moschofilero-Traube, einer der ältesten griechischen Rebsorten, 0,75 l, Alkohol 12 % Vol., Jahrgang 2019, enthält Sulfite 

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Nemea Driopi AgriorgitikoTselepos

Artikel-Nr.: 1235GRAT

Lachsrote und mineralisch, Aromen von Tabak und reifen Kischen. 0,75 l, Alkohol 14 % Vol. Jahrgang 2017. Enthält Sulfite

11,50 / Flasche(n)

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Canava Chryssou Tselepos Santorini Assyrtiko P.D.O.

Artikel-Nr.: 2877GRAT

Aromen von Zitrusfrüchten, feine Mineralität, gut balanzierte Säure, langer fruchtiger Nachhall, 0,75 l, Alkohol 14,0 % Vol. Jahrgang 2017, enthält Sulfite

29,50 / Flasche(n)
1 l = 39,33 €
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